African Women in Maritime (WIMAFRICA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of gender equality, the empowerment of women in the African maritime sector and the establishment of cooperation for the development of African women entrepreneurs in the maritime sector.

The association is made up of women maritime professionals, managers and entrepreneurs from twenty-two (22) African countries, including Togo, Angola, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, the Republic of Niger, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Nigeria, among others.

WIMAFRICA’s objectives
The objectives of the Association include cooperation in capacity building, training, education, entrepreneurial project development in order to effectively contribute to global efforts, economic empowerment, representation and leadership of women in the blue economy.

The association also aims to achieve its objectives:

  • Promote cooperation and collaboration between national, regional and international organisations to promote gender equality in the sector;
  • To highlight the participation of women in all aspects of the blue economy, in terms of policy, advocacy and awareness of maritime issues;
  • Promote capacity building, entrepreneurship and employment for women in all areas of the maritime sector;
  • To provide strategic leadership and act as a voice for the empowerment of women in the maritime sector;
  • Support the advancement of women in the maritime sector in Africa, strengthen the continent’s maritime capacity to promote safe, secure and efficient trade on cleaner oceans.

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