The world is made of living beings
A variety with humans at its head
Humans small and big
Parents and children
I’m not teaching you anything
Guardians and children are bound by a certain number of codes
This varies depending on the part of the world
In Africa and in some homes in Benin
The current that connects the two camps is too thin
Our parents are ready to protect us from all dangers
They do everything they can but sometimes they see us ruin everything
We register in our ranks
Parent children
It’s not funny
It’s not the parents’ fault either
But they are responsible for us.

We live in a society
Where we think that sexual subjects
Are convent talk
From which we must keep children away
They are not aware of our curiosity
Of our ingenuity
Of this ease
That we have to educate ourselves
Among friends when we get together
In schoolyards and even in alleyways.

Nothing is hidden from today’s child
Who can easily become self-taught
Our environment impacts us
We don’t see the danger coming
We just see it rot.

Parents must understand that we learn very quickly with or without their support
The internet and hearsay become our supporting documents.

Dad, Mom, if talking about sexuality with your children is a crime
Plead guilty before the court of good conscience
Guilty of being unable to warn your offspring
Of what can cause
Early sexuality, unconscious sexuality.

L’Amazone Des Lettres

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