Nadège Bignon Anago, author and activist, travels across Africa with her initiative Mam’ange Afrique Tour to break the silence around perinatal grief and support women on their journey to healing.

A Grieving Mother, Author, and Activist

Nadège Bignon Anago is a woman with an inspiring story. A specialist in gender and social inclusion, Master of Ceremony, she is also the author of the autobiographical book “En paix avec la vie, Comment guérir de la perte d’un enfant” (At Peace with Life, How to Heal from the Loss of a Child). In this poignant work, she shares her personal experience of losing a child and the tools she used to overcome burnout, depression, and move forward.

Mam’ange Afrique Tour: A Circle of Support for Grieving Mothers

Aware of the lack of support and resources specifically for grieving African women, Nadège Bignon created Mam’ange Afrique Tour, an event that is the concretization of the actions of the blog Mam’ange Afrique that she runs. This itinerant circle of support offers a safe space for grieving mothers to share their experiences, receive support, and rebuild their lives.

The Importance of Taking Culture into Account

“The story of an African woman who has lost her child is different from that of a French woman, for example,” explains Nadège Anago. “Cultures interact and therefore we must take them into account in the healing process.” This is why Mam’ange Afrique Tour adapts to local contexts and offers workshops and discussions that are sensitive to the cultural realities of African women.

Cotonou: Next Stop for the Mam’ange Afrique Tour

After Lomé, the Mam’ange Afrique Tour will set up shop in Cotonou on March 30th at 10am at Oasis Délice to pay tribute to women at the end of this month dedicated to them and which bears the IWD. This special event, open to women and men since they are also emotionally affected by grief, will allow to:

–Dedicate the book “En paix avec la vie, Comment guérir de la perte d’un enfant”

–Share testimonies and experiences
Receive support and advice
Break the silence around perinatal grief

–Raise awareness among the entourage of the needs of bereaved parents so that they can act without judgment but with empathy and kindness.

A New Book on the Horizon

Bignon Anago doesn’t stop there. She announces the upcoming release of a new book entitled “Le courage d’une mère, comment retourner à la maternité après la perte d’un enfant” (The Courage of a Mother, How to Return to Motherhood After the Loss of a Child). This book is intended for women who, after experiencing the loss of a child, are considering another pregnancy.

A Message of Hope

Nadège Bignon Anago is a source of inspiration for grieving women. Through her commitment and initiatives, she offers a message of hope and support to those who are going through the painful experience of losing a child, a situation she knows well herself.

Mam’Ange Afrique Tour: An Essential Initiative to Break the Silence and Support Women Facing Perinatal Bereavement

Mark your calendars

Date: March 30, 2024
Location: Cotonou (Oasis Délice)
Time: 10:00 AM
Program: Healing from the loss of a child (inner healing, talking circle)
Audience: African women who have lost a child (or not), and men are also invited for this special edition
Participation: Free with registration

Nadège Bignon Anago invites all African women who have lost a child (and more broadly, women and men who are part of the entourage of those affected) to participate in Mam’Ange Afrique Tour Cotonou and to share their stories.

Breaking the silence is essential to move towards healing and find the strength to move forward.

Let’s be many to support this important initiative and give voice to these courageous women and also to the men affected!

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