Celebrate the music festival and the start of the holidays with a playlist lovingly curated by the L’Africaine editorial team!

Let yourself be carried away by sunny melodies from all corners of the African continent, for a weekend of pleasure and discovery.

Whether you’re more into afrobeat, mbalax, afropop or amapiano, you’re sure to find something to your liking in our playlist.
Without any resistance, do us the honor of guiding you through our recommendations and let the music take you away!

  1. Lydol: Lionne, Louve et Lièvre (Cameroon)

Start your weekend strong with the powerful and captivating voice of slammer Lydol. Her song “Lionne, louve et lièvre” is an anthem to female duality, to the beauty that lies between the strength and fragility of women. A beautiful message carried by a crazy afropop rhythm.

  1. Yemi Alade: Tomorrow (Nigeria)

Yemi Alade, an icon of afrobeat music, invites you to dream with her song “Tomorrow”. A message of hope and positivity carried by a poignant and catchy melody.

  1. Kamo Mphela: Dalie Mixed (South Africa)

Let yourself be transported by the warm amapiano rhythms of Kamo Mphela with her song “Dalie Mixed”. A festive and addictive song that will make you want to dance all night long no matter where you are!

  1. Zuchu ft Toss: Siji (Tanzania)

Discover the smooth and melodic voice of Zuchu in her duet with Toss on “Siji”. A rhythmic and choreographed song, perfect for a chill atmosphere.

  1. Ralycia: Xoèsé (Togo)

Immerse yourself in the unique musical universe of Ralycia, a Togolese artist with a captivating voice. This song of hope and faith will also get you dancing on the dancefloor. “

  1. Gyakie: December (Ghana)

Let yourself be lulled by Gyakie’s soft and melancholic voice with her song “December”. A poignant song about love and all that it brings, perfect for a moment of introspection.

  1. Zeynab: Odeka (Benin)

Discover the captivating Afro-pop music of Zeynab, a Beninese artist with immense talent. “Odeka” is a languid love song sung mainly in “Mina” (a language of South Togo). The exquisite choice to color your moments together.

  1. Josey: Independent Woman (Ivory Coast)

Celebrate your independence and femininity with Josey and her song “Independent Woman”. An anthem to female empowerment and power on a dynamic beat that will not leave you indifferent.

  1. Nadia Mukami: Mali Safi (Kenya)

African popstar Nadia Mukami represents Kenya with her song “Mali Safi” on our playlist.
A tip: watch the music video to better appreciate this work.

  1. Viviane Chidid: Xaarit (Senegal)

End your weekend on a high note with the sublime voice of Viviane Chidid and her song “Xaarit”. A song with lively and colorful mbalax rhythms, for a weekend ending with a smile from ear to ear!

And there you have it! You have what it takes for a weekend in good weather so that your new week is on top because your morale is sky-high and your mind unstoppable!

This playlist is just a taste of the richness and diversity of African music.

Feel free to explore for yourself and discover new artists and new genres! Above all, share your experiences with us on our social networks Facebook, LinkedIn and Tiktok.

L’Africaine wishes you a wonderful weekend full of music!

By Pélagie Blewussi

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