July 31st: International African Women’s Day (JIFA)

Did you know that International African Women’s Day has its origins over 60 years ago? It was in 1962, as African countries emerged from colonization to independence, that women from all over the continent met in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) to create the first pan-African organization dedicated to women: the Conference of African Women (CAW).

July 31st was designated “African Women’s Day” on the occasion of the first congress of the Pan-African Women’s Organization (PAWO) which was held in Dakar, Senegal, on July 31, 1974.
Since then, African women have played a significant role in the liberation of the continent, the fight against apartheid, and the promotion of justice and human rights. They continue to be pioneers of change in all areas of society.

July 2024: African Women’s Month on L’Africaine

On the occasion of International African Women’s Day (AWD), celebrated each year on July 31st, L’Africaine, a pan-African media dedicated to African women, is committed to making this entire month of July a month of celebration and engagement for women on the continent.

A month to celebrate the women who make Africa

Throughout the month, L’Africaine will highlight the women who are the pride of Africa, these talented women and leaders in their respective fields. Portraits, interviews, discoveries… The goal is to give a voice to these inspiring women and to show the diversity and richness of African women’s leadership.

Fighting against prejudice and promoting empowerment

L’Africaine will not stop there. This month will also be an opportunity to draw attention to the prejudices that African women face and to deconstruct them. Awareness-raising, education, advocacy… L’Africaine is committed to promoting women’s empowerment and girls’ access to education, two essential pillars for a brighter future for African women.

Gender Equality and Inclusion in STEM

Gender equality and the inclusion of women in all fields, including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), are major challenges for Africa’s development. L’Africaine is committed to raising awareness of these issues and encouraging young girls to pursue careers in these fields.

A Strong Commitment to Sustainable Change

The celebration of African Women’s Day (AWD) is an important opportunity to advance the cause of women on the continent. L’Africaine, through its strong commitment and concrete actions, intends to contribute to a lasting change for African women, for a more equitable and prosperous Africa.

Key Statistics:

52% of the African population is female.

60% of African entrepreneurs are women.

70% of agricultural workers in Africa are women.

1 in 3 women in sub-Saharan Africa has experienced sexual violence in her lifetime.

Only 25% of African parliamentarians are women.

African women make a significant contribution to the continent’s economy, but they often face discrimination and barriers to their full participation in economic life.

Access to education and healthcare remains a major challenge for African women.

Together, let’s make this July a time of celebration, commitment and mobilization for a fairer and more equitable future for African women!

Join us on social media with the hashtag #AfricanWomenMonth2024 and share your messages of encouragement and support for African women!

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