Who is Brigitte Houssou?

Born in 1980, Brigitte Houssou is a successful Beninese entrepreneur who has revolutionized the Parisian culinary scene with her upscale African restaurants. She is also a mother of two children.

An Inspiring Journey

The daughter of entrepreneurs, Brigitte was immersed in the world of business from an early age. Close to her mother at a young age, she traveled to many countries and observed her mother negotiating and closing deals.
After studying business, she worked for 15 years in a large company before embarking on entrepreneurship, driven by the desire to create her own empire.

H-Envergure: A Successful African Culinary Empire

In 2017, Brigitte Houssou teamed up with her four brothers to found H-Envergure, a holding company that oversees three restaurants:

La Villa Maasaï, the first gourmet African restaurant in France
Le Café Maasaï, a friendly African bistro
La Suite 34, an elegant lounge
H-Envergure is a real success. The three restaurants of the holding company are very popular with Parisians and tourists. Brigitte Houssou and her brothers have succeeded in making African gastronomy a high-end and accessible experience for other cultures.

Refined and Authentic African Cuisine

H-Envergure’s restaurants offer refined and authentic African cuisine, revisited with modern touches. The Houssou brothers’ aim is to introduce the French public and beyond to the richness and diversity of African gastronomy, while fighting against clichés.

A Woman of Influence

Brigitte Houssou is a woman of influence who inspires young African entrepreneurs. She is regularly invited to give conferences and masterclasses (online and in person) and to share her experience. She is also very active on social networks, where she encourages women to pursue their dreams.

A Source of Inspiration

Brigitte Houssou is a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and women around the world. Her story shows that it is possible to achieve your dreams, even if you are a woman and come from Africa.
With a clear vision, a dedicated team, hard work, perseverance, character and a burning passion, no obstacle can resist success!

Brigitte H. is an exceptional woman who has made her mark on the world of gastronomy and (female) entrepreneurship. Her inspiring journey and determination make her a living proof that defies the negative stereotypes about the involvement of women and Africans in entrepreneurship or business.

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