Angélique Kidjo, the world-renowned Beninese singer with the piercing voice, will be entering the Larousse dictionary in 2025. This distinction is a symbol of recognition for her magnificent contribution to African and world music, and her role as an icon for younger generations.

A Well-deserved Recognition

In 2025, the Petit Larousse will welcome a new emblematic figure: Angélique Kidjo. This Beninese singer with a powerful voice and immeasurable talent thus joins the pantheon of illustrious personalities who have marked history and culture.

This inclusion in the Larousse dictionary comes as recognition of Angélique Kidjo’s immense contribution to world music. A key figure on the Afro-world scene, she has, over the years, transcended borders and musical genres to touch an international audience.

A Career Rich in Success

Born in 1960 in Ouidah, Benin, Angélique Kidjo has established herself as one of the most influential artists of her generation. Her music, which skillfully blends traditional African rhythms with jazz, pop and soul influences, has won over an international audience.

Angélique Kidjo has won five Grammy Awards, making her one of the most awarded African artists in history. She has also collaborated with many renowned artists, such as Yo-Yo Ma, Peter Gabriel and Manu Dibango.

A Committed Artist

Beyond her musical talent, Angélique Kidjo is also a committed artist. She uses her notoriety to defend causes close to her heart, including the fight against poverty, children’s education and women’s rights.

She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and runs the Batonga Foundation in Benin. She is actively involved in many development programs in Africa and raises public awareness about the continent’s challenges.

A Role Model for Young People

Angélique Kidjo is an inspiration to younger African generations. She shows them that it is possible to succeed in music and make their voices heard on the international stage. She is also an example of a strong and committed woman who fights for a better world.

Angélique Kidjo’s entry into the Larousse is a new important step in her exceptional career. It is also a symbol of the growing recognition of African music on the world stage.

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